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Vitamin B12 and Diabetes: What is the link between diabetes and vitamin B12?

Over recent years there has become an increasing awareness of the links between diabetes and vitamin B12. These links are concerning because they show many similarities in the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, and, diabetes and insulin resistance.

The first link between diabetes and vitamin B12 arose from several studies in the 1990’s that examined the relationship between diabetes patients who have been treated with the diabetes medication Metformin and had observed lower-than-normal serum B12 levels.

So, it appears that the very drug which helps diabetes patients control their blood sugar levels is also responsible for many diabetics becoming vitamin B12 deficient. Vitamin B12 deficiency in diabetic patients may arise from influences that the drug Metformin has on the stomach.

Like many other medications that people take metformin is taken orally, and then it is metabolized by the stomach, before entering the bloodstream, wherein it has its effects. Researchers believe that Metformin has a negative effect on the stomach. It somehow prevents dietary vitamin B12 from being metabolized by the body and transmitted to the nervous system, blood, brain and the other vital organs of the body.

Consequently, it has been discovered in many replicated research studies, that diabetes patients can experience vitamin B12 deficiency as a side-effect of their medication. Across a number of studies it has been found that some 30% to 40% of diabetes patients will have vitamin B12 deficiency. That figure increases when you take into consideration that many medical professionals believe that the lower threshold for vitamin B12 deficiency is actually too low, therefore, vitamin B12 deficiency is understated, with the problem being much more widespread than the medical profession is ready to acknowledge.

Tantalizing Prospect: Vitamin B12 used to treat Diabetes

More recently, further links between vitamin B12 deficiency in diabetes patients have been discovered. The research which is coming to light now points towards vitamin B12 deficiency being a co-factor in diabetes malignancy. In other words, diabetes could have a cause and effect relationship with vitamin B12 deficiency.

The implications of this are astounding! There is a tantalizing prospect diabetics may be able to be treated with vitamin B12, together with a regime of healthy eating and an exercise program. This is a breath of fresh air for many diabetics who have long been concerned at the long-term implications of using Metformin and other drugs to treat diabetes.

If this recent research proves correct, then at the very least, diabetics will have another tool in their arsenal with which to overcome their disease. Considering diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, hypertension, stroke, and, heart disease, any natural treatment that diabetics can use will be of great benefit.

It means that if you are a diabetic, and you would like to use a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, method of treating diabetes, you now have an option in the form of vitamin B12. Diabetics would likely use both vitamin B12 supplements and change their diet to increase the sources of natural vitamin B12, such as; fish, red meat, dairy products and eggs. Together with a stringent exercise plan diabetics would have a real chance to overcome their disease naturally.

From forthcoming Kindle eBook, Vitamin B12 & Diabetes. How to Manage Diabetes Effectively Naturally with Diet, Exercise, Hydration, Vitamin B12 Supplements and Foods Rich in Vitamin B12 by Rainer Freigeld.

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Vitamin B12 and Diabetes: What is the link between diabetes and vitamin B12?

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