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How To Make Money On The Internet: Your Guide To Five Top Ways To Earn Money On The Internet Today (Pt2)

Wow, this is the second part of The Top 5 Ways To Make Money In Online Business Today. This article is amazing in the way that there are so many ways to make very good money. Enjoy the article and then go out there. There is MONEY for all of us.

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money in Online Business Today

In step number one we learned that you must know what you are going to be doing before advancing any further in your plans to go into business online.

The truth is there are any number of ways you can make money online. You may choose more than one for your online business. In fact, this is precisely what the best online entrepreneurs do to expand their businesses and derive income from multiple different streams.

In no particular order some of the best online business ideas include:

Online Business Idea #1 – YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most-visited websites of any online. It also has the advantage of being wholly owned by the world’s premiere search engine, Google. Consequently, YouTube videos rank very highly in standard Google searches.

Much of the content on YouTube is in the form of video and also mp3 audio. These formats are really hot because people are so much more visual and auditory when it comes to the way they want information provided.

Even if you decide YouTube is not going to be your preferred way of making money online it is a remarkably effective w

ay of directing traffic to your online business.

If you create videos for YouTube and have advertising placements inserted into your video, you can make some serious money.

The way many digital entrepreneurs do it is to make instructional videos that go for anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes in length. People love to learn quick and easy tips to make their life better. Your instructional videos can solves someone’s problem, be entertaining, and as a happy coincidence make you some money along the way.

Make sure you include links to your websites and products so you can really benefit by generating traffic for your business.

Online Business Idea #2 – Blogging

Beyond YouTube there is also the opportunity to write for the web on a topic or area of interest. Your blog is normally situated on your website. As you post blog articles to your website over time you will generate a following; people will keep coming back to your website for the valuable written content they can’t find anywhere else.

We all have favoHow To Make Money On The Interneturite authors; we may buy all their books, read all their articles, and follow their career. Each time they come out with something new we may race to make sure we get it. This same idea is behind blogging.

Making money from blogging most-commonly comes from the advertising placed on the website. This may be Google AdSense advertisements, or advertising from another advertising network. You could receive revenue every time someone clicks on an advertisement, known as Pay Per Click (PPC), or you might also receive payment based page views, called Pay Per View (PPV).

When you first start out you will find generating sizeable revenue from blogging a struggle. Over time, as you develop a good following and your audience grows, you will find the money you earn from blogging will also grow.

Online Business Idea #3 – Selling Products

Your website doesn’t only have to make you money from your blog and any advertising you sell on your site. Whilst keeping the cash you generate from blogging you can also use your website to sell products. These could be physical goods, like books, T-Shirts, artwork, photography; or you may elect to sell digital products, like eBooks, audio tracks, and video.

These can be your own products or someone else’s products.

Darren Rowse, from Melbourne, Australia, started blogging in 2002. Darren created an eBook that sold over $70,000 worth of eBooks – most within 48 hours of launch. Darren’s Problogger website is a perfect example of a blog that has been optimized to sell products. Check it out here.

Online Business Idea #4 – Be an Authorpreneur – Create and Sell eBooks

We touched onHow To Make Money On The Internet this a little in Online Business Idea #3; however, the difference with this idea for building a business online is your business would consist of creating and selling eBooks on one of several online eBook retailers.

Amazon’s Kindle Store is the largest online seller of eBooks and currently has over 4.4 million eBooks available for sale.

People read these eBooks on the free downloadable Kindle applications available for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices, or on dedicated Kindle devices such as Kindle’s Paperwhite, Voyage, or the newest Kindle eReader, the Kindle Oasis.

Amazon is a huge business these days. They’re not only into books but almost anything you can think of. The mainstay of the business, though, is the Kindle eBook business. People now buy more eBooks than physical books, and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has made it so easy to publish your very own eBook.

The great thing about eBooks is the passive nature of the income you can generate from them. Passive income is where you create something once and it can sell without you having to do anything to sell it. Kindle eBooks can be written, edited, formatted, and uploaded with a cover one time, and sell countless copies forever more.

Rand Bennet, author of How to Make $1287 (or more) in Passive Income Every Month with Kindle Publishing,  is one example of someone who has turned Kindle eBook authoring into a very healthy sideline income. At first he saw the income trickling in but as he created and uploaded more books his sales took off.

“With each book,” he says, “my sales continue to grow and my earnings continue to increase. Some books sell very well.”

Rand has been very happy with how his eBook business has developed.

“Within a short period of time Kindle Publishing has become a significant source of monthly income. I can’t help but wonder what my income is going to be in a year or two years from now.”

So happy have the results been for the Bennett family that even Rand’s wife has started to write books.

“She is writing books too and one of the books she wrote has become one of our best sellers.”

Rand is one of many authors who, because of 9-5 day jobs, write their books under a pen name. If you don’t want your friends to know what you’re up to this can be a good strategy.  A lot of authors also use pen names to divide their writing into categories; one pen name will be used for one specific category, and another pen name for a different category.

To check out what Rand has to offer in the Kindle Store click here.

Online Business Idea #5 – Create and Sell Your Own Courses

If you have checked out Rand Bennet’s Kindle eBooks you will see that many of them would make terrific workshops or take-home study guides.

Like Rand’s books, you could also translate your Kindle eBooks into a course of study that people can access anytime they like. Best of all, online learning has exploded in recent years thanks to websites like Udemy and Skillshare, which allow people lifetime access to video courses for a fee.

Whether you author a Kindle eBook first or choose to create and sell courses based on what you know and have expertise in, you can make outrageously good income from teaching courses online full-time.

Jerry Banfield is an example of one Udemy instructor who has made in excess of $600,000 over the last 2 years.  And there are 10 Udemy instructors who have made over $1 million teaching courses on the platform.

It is really easy to get started. You will need to invest in some good audio and video recording hardware and software. Udemy has high standards for audio and video quality, which is one reason why it is currently the leader in the self-directed online learning market.

First, plot out every step you need to teach in your course. Next, write out what you need to speak about in your videos. Practice each script until it has been committed to memory. Make a series of PowerPoint slides that you can video in screen capture video recording software, like Camtasia Studio, and edit your audio and video so it is highly polished. Upload your videos to the Udemy course page you have created. Publish your course and after it is reviewed by the Udemy quality team it will be available for sale in the Udemy marketplace.

Keep creating courses and watch your online teaching business grow.

Another great website you can teach on and make money from is Skillshare. They charge their students a monthly fee which gives students access to courses. Every month they share a pool of 50% of total revenue with instructors based on how many students are taking their courses.

Skillshare courses typically don’t run as long as Udemy courses and the major difference is you need to develop a project for your Skillshare students to complete.

Teaching what you know to others can be an enjoyable experience. Sowing into other’s lives is one of the best things we can do in our life. If you’re interested in helping people learn this could work out to be the best online business for you.

As you can see there are a number of great ways to get into online business. We have only touched the surface of what is possible with online business. As you investigate exactly what you want to do, plan your business end-to-end, and implement your action plan, you will discover more options available to you and countless ways you can tweak your business to perform better.

Here’s to your success!

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How To Make Money On The Internet: Your Guide To Five Top Ways To Earn Money On The Internet Today (Pt2)

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